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No Tox Life - Casa Agave Large Growler Brush

Regular price $10.75

No Tox Life - Casa Agave Large Growler Brush

Regular price $10.75
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The CASA AGAVE™ brushes are an easy replacement for your plastic dishwashing and vegetable brushes in the kitchen and home.

With a white teakwood handle and medium weight agave fiber bristles and a metal flexible stem.

Replaces: Plastic dish and general cleaning brushes.

EXTRA LONG BOTTLE OR LARGE GROWLER BRUSHES | WITH METAL FLEXIBLE STEM - two extra long bottle or growler brushes with agave fiber bristles. Gets into a half gallon or gallon growler. This is not suited for extremely narrow bottles, best for openings 1 1/2 inches or wider. Has a flexible metal stem to allow cleaning inside larger jugs, vases, etc.

Longevity: Each brush can be used for 1-3 months or longer depending on frequency of usage and proper storage. Make sure to not submerge or soak the wooden parts in water. Hang to dry or place in a dry spot after using it.

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