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Our refillery aims to help you reduce waste, save a few dollars and help you find bulk home, body and beauty products you’ll love. All of our bulk products are sourced locally (where possible), tried and tested (always), and perfectly curated (an ongoing pursuit!). 

Drop by with your own containers, or purchase one of ours and we’ll fill you up.  We can fill you up while you browse our shop, featuring all of the beautifully curated items you’ll see on this site, or go run some errands and pick up your full containers later. You do you. 

Our Products: 

Body, Beauty + Rituals

Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion, hand soap, toothpaste + tabs, deodorant, bubble bath, baby shampoo + wash, baby bubble bath, bath bombs, loose tea


Dish soap, dishwashing powder, laundry powder, laundry soap, oxygen brightener, stain remover, all-purpose cleaner, counter cleaner

Fragrances not your thing? 

Fret not! We have lots of unscented products available too! 

FAQ’s + FYI’s 

  1. How does it work? 
    Browse and pick your products. We weigh your empty container(s), we fill them up, weigh them, and give you the total. Only pay for what you need. 

  2. What type of containers can you fill? 
    We will refill any container and always encourage you to bring one you already have. If it holds liquid, we can fill it! Your empty pump bottles, detergent containers, shampoo/conditioner bottles, growlers, swing top kombucha or beer bottles, mason jars ~ these will all work well.

  3. Can I fill up before my container is empty? 
    You can! We get it, shampoo and conditioner NEVER run out at the same time. We can tare (weigh) the container and fill it up. 

  4. Do you sell containers? 
    We do! Forgot your container or fancy investing in a keeper: We have a selection of responsible receptacles for purchase.  

  5. How long does it take to fill up?
    It all depends! How busy the shop is and how many containers you’d like. But typically only a few minutes required to fill up a bottle and weigh it for you.  

  6. What brands do you stock?
    We have a range of products from fantastic retailers such as Carina Organics, Bottle None, Nelson Naturals, Dom’s, Sapadilla, & Nellie’s, Oneka  ~ just to name a few.   

  7. I’m in a hurry! 
    No problem, we have your back. Drop your containers off and we will fill them up whilst you run your errands. They’ll be filled and ready for you upon your return.


Orders? Questions? We love them. 

Reach out to us at

Or give us a shout at 1.250.423.1132

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