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Uashmama - Paper Bag Large Grey (VEGAN)

Regular price $34.00

Uashmama - Paper Bag Large Grey (VEGAN)

Regular price $34.00
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Our washable paper bags are made using traditional artisan methods from cultivated and sustainable cellulose fibre. They are soft but resilient, can be washed like fabric, ironed and flattened completely for storage purposes. The bags are designed to be rolled so you can alter the height to suit the contents. Beautiful and functional, use in the home, office, nursery, kids room, outdoors, shopping, styling, catering or to organize anything you like! * Plants & Herbs

* Bread- baguette, baked goods, pastries

* Fruit & vegetables

* Office Supplies

* Bathroom storage

* Kids rooms XSmall - 5cm (W) x 5cm (D) x 11cm (H)
Piccolo - 8cm (W) x 8cm (D) x 15cm (H)
Small - 12cm (W) x 12cm x (D) 25cm (H)
Medium - 18cm (W) x 12.5cm x (D) 33cm (H)
Large - 21cm (W) x 15cm (D) x 33cm (H)
Large Plus - 19cm (W) x 19cm (D) x 45cm (H)
XL - 24cm (W) x 24cm (D) x 70cm(H)
XXL - 33cm (W) x 33cm (D) x 90cm(H)

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